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June 2011
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Ak Suu Gorge Day Trip

Ak Suu Gorge Vista

This is a nice day trip from Bishkek into the Ala Too Mountains.  This one is a little further down the road from Sokuluk, but further has its advantages.  It definitely doesn’t feel as “trampled” as some of the closer canyons.

Attached is a .gdb file you can use with your GPS or open in Google Earth to get a better look at the route.  Take a look at the pages on using a GPS in Kyrgyzstan and on using .gdb files with Google Earth for some ideas.  I’ve also input the whole route into OpenStreetMap, so if you use the OSM implementation on your GPS, you can just use the “follow road” option to create your own route.

The route is pretty simple.  Just head out of Bishkek on M39 (the road to Osh, or Taras, in Kazakhstan).  About 30 miles down the road (counting from the old DCMR at Panfilova and Gorkova), you make a left.  The turnoff is about 2 miles after you leave the town of Belovodskoye.  From there on out it is straight up the road.

Bishkek to Ak Suu Gorge

Shortly after the end of the pavement there is a spur on the left that takes you up to a small waterfall with some picnic spots.  (And my statement about this canyon being “less trampled” doesn’t really apply to this area.)

Ak Suu River, at the end of the road

As the map shows, further on there is a turnoff to the left which takes you up to a high Jailoo.  We did not go all the way up there, so the map is incomplete on that route.  The map is complete on the main canyon.  We came to a bridge at the end which is out, so that is as far as the car goes.

There is some good undeveloped hiking to be had up the several gorges which lead off in different directions.  The scenery, as throughout the Ala Too, is spectacular and varied.

I’ve seen quite a few locals fishing the river.  I figure that’s gotta mean there are trout in there.

Ak Suu Gorge Map


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