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Coral Pink Sand Dunes

This is a less-known site, but one of our favorites. The coloration of the sand dunes makes them beautiful and the hot showers in the campground make the stay that much more pleasant.  This is a major destination for ATV enthusiasts.  For those looking for peace and quiet, weekdays are the better bet.  This Utah State Park is only about an hour (40 miles) from the visitor center at Zion’s. It is close to the route I am describing both on the outbound side and on the return, so you could easily add it to either end of the trip, or, in fact, stay there twice.

Route from the Zion NP Visitor Center to Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP
Tatyana with Aliciya, 2006

The State Parks in Utah allow reservations, about three months in advance. If you can’t get into the State Park, there are two Bureau of Land Management campgrounds nearby.  I haven’t visited them, but understand that they are more rustic, but also very cheap.

Our Campsite in 2016

The State of Utah has a website for the park, with a video that’s worth watching (and not much else). You can make camping reservations at, and that site has a lot more information on the park, itself.

The coloration of the sand varies quite a bit according to light conditions
Distant storm clouds really bring out the orange colors
This is in the morning after rain

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