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Capitol Reef National Park

We have not spent much time in Capitol Reef — mostly we’ve just passed through. Still, it is a beautiful area and no doubt rewarding if you have the time.

Another, very different, view of the area. The park is named for the white “capitol” domes, one of which is visible here.

This National Park is only 2 3/4 hours from Bryce Canyon if you drive through Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument, as you should (the quicker route, through Widtsoe, Antimony, and Angle, only saves you about 20 minutes). 

Aliciya Enjoying the Wonder of Red Dirt

Also, if you are moving at a leisurely pace, you might consider stopping at Escalante Petrified Forest State Park for a picnic, hike through the petrified forest, or to overnight (there is also swimming and boating on the nearby 130-acre Wide Hollow Reservoir).

Classic Capitol Reef Landscape

There is a developed campground in Capitol Reef, as well as two primitive campgrounds. Camping is also allowed elsewhere in the park with a permit which can be obtained at the visitor’s center. Or, you can continue on to Goblin Valley State Park.

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