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We stopped in Baguio on the way back. The American Ambassador’s Residence there is probably the most relaxing place in the Philippines.

At the Ambassador’s Residence

The nicest place in Baguio — really the reason we go — is the Ambassador’s Residence. It is soooo relaxing. The next day we hiked around the grounds, and I took the opportunity to shoot a few portrait shots.

Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan Village is one of our favorite places in Baguio. We go there about every time we go to Baguio. It’s fun to crawl into the indigenous houses and walk up the hill through the forest.

Strawberry Fields (Baguio Again)

After the Bell Church, we went to the strawberry fields. We had never gone there before, and I was skeptical about the idea, but it was great. It is not far from the Bell Church, just about 20 minutes from town center, and Aliciya loved picking the strawberries. And they are sure good strawberries. There’s […]

Baguio III

We really did have a great time (again, this is our forth time in Baguio). We visited the Bell Chinese Church and the Tam Awan Village and wandered around Camp John Hay. However, in the end, the best thing about Baguio is the incredible Ambassador’s Residence and its grounds. It is just sooo relaxing there. […]

Baguio 2: Aliciya and Masha

Masha is 18 months old. Aliciya has known Masha since she was born, and really loves her. She feels much like a older sister toward her. Aliciya decided, at the end of the weekend, that Masha should come to live with us. It took a lot of explaining to convince her that it would be […]