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Rosapata and Lirqu

  Rosapata and Lerqu make a great side trip on your way to Curahuara de Carangas.  The two chapels are small and humble, but each is beautiful in its own way.  Also, the landscape is spectacular.  That said, this is not a trip to take in your nice sedan, and it is going to take […]

Aymara New Year at Tiwanaku

The Aymara new year tradition is quite different from those I have been accustomed to in other places. Rather than celebrating the night before, culminating at midnight, the Aymara celebrate at dawn on June 21 (winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere). This morning, I was up at 4 am to prepare for the drive […]

New Year’s Eve at Our Place

[flv][/flv] A great New Years with lots of wonderful friends!!!

Happy New Year CAFMI!

This is the New Years card I got from the guys at the Central Asian Free Market Institute (CAFMI).  Love it!                 Happy New Year to everybody, and especially to the CAFMI Crew!

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas Day. For the first time this year, it really showed overnight, with huge, beautiful flakes floating to the ground. Not a lot of snow fell, but the grass was completely covered.

Christmas Parties

Over the past few days we’ve been getting seriously into the Christmas spirit! The Embassy’s local employees organized a major party at a local cafe for the adults of the embassy, with plenty to eat and drink, and lots of dancing and partying. It was a blast! And then we hosted, at our house, Breakfast […]

Aliciya’s Birthday

Aliciya knew exactly what she wanted to do for her birthday this year — she wanted a costume and swimming party. So we had it at the Embassy’s Seafront compound, and she invited her friends to wear their costumes and bring their swimsuits along. She had a great time, and I think they all did, […]


We had a couple of Easter celebrations. First, we went to the Embassy Easter Party, and Aliciya looked for eggs there (with limited success). At home, she did a bit better. But at home was the real Easter egg hunt.

Inaugural Ball

The Embassy held an Inaugural Ball to celebrate the transition to a new President. Tatyana had a dress made for the occasion. Unfortunately, the photos leave something to be desired, but they give an idea, anyway.

Meeting Santa for Breakfast

We took Aliciya to “Breakfast with Santa,” organized by the Embassy Employees Association.  She had a great time.  Here are a few pics. At a birthday party that same afternoon for one of her friends, Aliciya got to try out being put into a soap bubble – she did it with her friend James.