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Bolivian Metal in the New York Times

This has got to be a first!  The New York Times with a whole article devoted to Bolivian metal and Bolivian metal fusion.  Give it a read!  And don’t miss the reference to U.S. Embassy La Paz.  The article is at:

Kalamarka Tribute Concert

On October 12 at the Teatro Municipal al Aire Libre some 15 Bolivian Metal groups will present a concert in tribute to famed folk group Kalamarka. After the metal groups finish, Kalamarka will play. This is an event not to be missed by anyone interested in the music or culture of Bolivia. And I am […]

Metal Club in El Alto!

  Last night we went up to El Alto to check out the famed Oveja Negra rock bar, see one of our favorite bands and a couple of others.  As usual, we had a fantastic time.  We got there a little late, so missed Morbogore, but caught Angaros’ set, which was very good, and Armadura, […]

Luna Llena Rock Bar

  A group of friends went up to Luna Llena Rock Bar last night to check out The Vampire Shadow’s Nigth.  It was my first time there, so I figured it was worth a short review, both of the bar, and of the show.   Luna Llena is considered to be one of the three […]

Barón Rojo – Spanish Rockers, Coming to La Paz

Spanish hard rock/metal group Barón Rojo will play La Paz June 21 in support of their new album, Tommy Barón, their interpretation of the famed rock opera Tommy, by The Who.  Should be good.

Death Metal in El Alto

I’ve occasionally put up posts on music in the past, but it looks like I may be putting up more such posts in the future.  I went with some friends to a Death Metal Festival the other day (posters above and bottom).  It was fantastic.  The variety of music (within the Metal genre) was stunning, […]