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Kind of Fun

Got an email today from Justin Shuster at Yale University’s The Politic: The Yale College Journal of Politics.  They have just published Diplomatic Discourse, a collection of over 100 interviews with United States Ambassadors, examining careers in the Foreign Service and contemporary issues facing American policy overseas.  I was interviewed for the book back in 2013.  You […]

Jury Duty

It didn’t take Montgomery County long to find me. I’d been living in Maryland about six months when I was notified of my selection as a prospective juror. The initial notice comes by mail. It contains instructions for trying to get out of service, but Maryland is pretty strict and doesn’t allow an employment exemption, […]

Contra Cross

Reading Bill Meara’s account of his experiences with the Central America wars of the 1980’s I came across a great line.  He says a “crusty old SF (Special Forces) sergeant told him they were players in a “Low Intensity, High Per Diem War.”  What a great phrase for the Central American wars, and, for that […]

Happy New Year CAFMI!

This is the New Years card I got from the guys at the Central Asian Free Market Institute (CAFMI).  Love it!                 Happy New Year to everybody, and especially to the CAFMI Crew!

Osh, One Year On

Anyone who’s spent any time in Osh will have to agree with the sentiment of this article.  Very nicely done.