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Rurrenabaque and the Pampas Bolivianas

We spent three days exploring the pampas of Bolivia southwest of Rurrenabaque.  It was a great time and a fun explore. From Rurrenabaque, there are two directions the tourists take.  You can go upriver into the jungle, or downriver onto the pampas.  Several people, and some online investigation, suggested that the pampas is actually more […]

La Casa de la Moneda (The Mint)

The incredible and incredibly preserved wooden machinery of the colonial mint Another unfinished post. I’ll come back to these in La Paz to finish them. La Casa de la Moneda is one of the most incredible and interesting places I’ve visited in Bolivia. The building itself is spectacular – all the woodwork without a single […]

Uyuni to Villa Mar

This drive takes you south from Uyuni towards the colored lakes of Los Lipez.  Start out along Highway 5 from Uyuni.  Villa Mar is the location of the very pleasant Jardines de Mallku Cueva hotel, a great jumping off point for further explorations.  At x miles is the unmarked turnoff to the right to the […]

The Train Cemetery

The Train Cemetery is not a train museum, even one with limited maintenance and development like the one in Putumayo.  No, the Train Cemetery in Uyuni is where trains end up after they die.  Don’t let that put you off, though, it’s a blast. The cemetery is an open air space with the remains of […]

Luna Salada

Luna Salada is probably the premier hotel at the Salar de Uyuni.  Constructed almost entirely of salt blocks, it has the local uniqueness factor down, but it also doesn’t skimp on the most important aspects of comfort. The hotel is beautiful from the inside. The whites and grays of the salt blocks and rock salt […]

Cal Orck’o and the Cretaceous Park

We visited Cal Orck’o and the Cretaceous Park this morning. It’s definitely a worthwhile stop in Sucre, and from the management we understood that it will be getting even better. Cal Orck’o is the site of a major cement plant of the disputed Fanesca cement company. It is also the quary where Fanesca gets its […]


We’re in Sucre, our first stop.  If you haven’t been to Sucre, you certainly should go.  It’s a beautiful whitewashed colonial city of great historical importance.  It’s a pleasure to walk, has at least one great hotel, and a number of sights well worth visiting. We got here this morning and immediately checked into the […]

Up Frary Peak on Antelope Island (Utah)

I’ve never been attracted by the “peaking” thing.  Always figured that once you had peaked, it was all down hill from there.  So, climbing to get to the top of something never mattered to me.  Actually, I’ve often found that if you bushwhacked a bit off of the beaten trail to the top (or to […]

Protected: On to Utah

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Enjoying the Waves

[flv][/flv] Aliciya’s been having a great time playing on the beach these past few days.