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Chapels of Curahuara and Sajama

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May 2019
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Tag: Tanya

Valley of the Moon

The valley of the moon is one of the closest and easiest trips out of La Paz. In fact, these days it is hardly even out of La Paz, as the south zone of the city (Zona Sur) continues to creep down the valley. The formation is of heavily compressed dirt and clay, which has […]

Sary Chelek

Sary Chelek lives up to its billing as one of the gems of Kyrgyz natural beauty (a pretty tall order). A large alpine lake set in a deep mountain bowl and surrounded by pines, Sary Chelek reminds me of the rugged beauty of the mountain lakes high in the American Rockies (specifically, since they were […]

New Year’s Eve at Our Place

[flv][/flv] A great New Years with lots of wonderful friends!!!


Millennial Walnut Tree Arslanbob is a wonderful little village north of Jalalabad. Surrounded by ancient walnut forests, and with a particularly hospitable population, it is a great place to just relax. Arslanbob lies some 30 miles off the main Bishkek-Jalalabad road. The road is good, and it’s a pleasant drive through the countryside. Attached you […]

An Exciting 6-yr-old Christmas

[flv][/flv] Aliciya had a blast, as you can see in this short clip. That made Christmas for all of us, of course. Merry Christmas to all!

Kids in Kyrgyzstan!

Alexandra, Christina and William arrived on July 1! The adventures have already started. On July 2, they came with us to the U.S. Embassy 4th of July celebration. It rained a bit, but we had chosen our spot well, and just slipped into the yurt which had been set up on the Embassy grounds. The […]

Aysha Bibi and Babazhi Katun Mausoleums

This is a relatively short trip into Kazakhstan from Bishkek, but would make a challenging day-trip.  It is probably better thought-of as a stopping point on the way to Turkestan or Tashkent.  The mausoleums are about five hours from Bishkek (including border formalities to get into Kazakhstan – your wasted time may vary). According to […]

Climbing the Thousand-Year-Old Burana Tower

We spent one day visiting the ruins of the ancient Silk Road City of Balasagun, including the thousand-year-old Burana Tower. Balasagun was the capital city of the region when Genghis Khan showed up in the 13th Century. He didn’t destroy the city (which was apparently quite out of character for him), but just renamed it. […]

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas Day. For the first time this year, it really showed overnight, with huge, beautiful flakes floating to the ground. Not a lot of snow fell, but the grass was completely covered.

Boot Shopping

Tatyana gave the girls new boots for Christmas. But, of course, the girls had to choose their own. We went to Dordoy Bazaar to look for boots. They got really cut ones.