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Bolivian Rock

When I was here the first time, 1987-89, I was into Latin Rock, and especially Argentine Rock.  I looked around a bit for Bolivian Rock, but without much determination and with still less success.  I do remember a rock-folk fusion band by the name of Congreso, which I saw a time or two, but that was as far as I got.  This time, I am doing better.

This page, and those linked to it, are meant to catalog what I am able to learn about the current Bolivian Rock scene.  This is very much a work in progress, and will likely continue to change and develop for as long as I am in Bolivia.  For now, it is not a systematic exposition, but just a list of what I know, so far.  I will put in italics information which I have not yet personally verified (including bands I have not seen).

By the way, you will see that many of the links are to Facebook pages.  It appears that Facebook is the most important forum for keeping abreast of the rock scene in Bolivia.

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