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Chapels of Curahuara and Sajama

Exploring The Kyrgyz Republic

This is a mini-guide to exploring the Kyrgyz Republic, mostly by car and by foot. Since car travel is rarely covered in guide books, it may provide some information otherwise unavailable. Unfortunately, I have had (so far) only a short 30 months in the Kyrgyz Republic, so this guide is necessarily short. That said, if you have anything to add to it, please contribute. I’d be happy to post pages by other people. In the meantime, I do have another several trips to post, so check back for more information over the coming months.

I use a GPS in my travels and in this guide. The maps I include are generally produced from Google Earth with my GPS tracks. I also provide GPS (.gdb) files, which can be used directly with a GPS (at least, some Garmin models) or with Google Earth. Instructions for using the GPS in the Kyrgyz Republic can be found at my page on Using a GPS in Kyrgyzstan (or anywhere). Some ideas for using the .gdb files are in my Using Google Earth and “.gdb” Files.

So, with the introduction out of the way, here is the Index to the Guide


The North
Day Trips From Bishkek
Ala Archa
Bishkek Hills Wildflowers
Ata Beit Memorial
Alamedin Canyon
A Bit of Canyonlands in Kyrgyzstan
Burana Tower
Issyk Ata
Kok-Moinok Gorge
Kel-Tor Lake Hike
Ak Suu Gorge Day Trip
Issyk Kul Lake Circuit
Cholpon Ata
The South
To The South
Sary Chelek
Aysha Bibi and Babazhi Katun Mausoleums
Turkistan, From Bishkek
Sauran Ruins
Wildflowers Near Bishkek


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