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Chapels of Curahuara and Sajama

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January 2010
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Climbing the Thousand-Year-Old Burana Tower

We spent one day visiting the ruins of the ancient Silk Road City of Balasagun, including the thousand-year-old Burana Tower. Balasagun was the capital city of the region when Genghis Khan showed up in the 13th Century. He didn’t destroy the city (which was apparently quite out of character for him), but just renamed it. There’s not too much left now, except the tower, but they have collected some old tombstones and put together a small museum. The highlight, though, was the climb up the high, circular staircase, in the dark, to the top of the tower.

Christina in the window of one of the out buildings

William, with the tower in the background

Myrna, with her new Kyrgyz hat!

Entering the tower (and don't miss the super-cool hat)

Climbing (it was completely dark in there without the flash)

Alex and Aliciya coming up

Myrna making the top

Memmott Family at the Top of the Burana Tower

A closer look at the tower

A closer look at the tower

William, on top of what used to be the palace

A collection of carved stones, perhaps headstones from graveyards, has been brought together from all over Kyrgyzstan to the tower.

Aliciya, with one of the headstones

And Christina, with her favorite headstone

The tower, with the mountains in the background


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