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March 2013
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Luna Llena Rock Bar

Luna Llena March


A group of friends went up to Luna Llena Rock Bar last night to check out The Vampire Shadow’s Nigth.  It was my first time there, so I figured it was worth a short review, both of the bar, and of the show.



Luna Llena is considered to be one of the three best rock bars in La Paz.  This is serious rock, tending towards metal.  You will not be hearing any Abba covers here.  The bar is small, not more than about ten tables and some ten bar stools.  Unfortunately, the room is “L” shaped, but there is a big screen TV providing another view of the on stage action to those sitting at tables at the wrong end of the “L.”  Still, if you can reserve a table at the L’s angle, that is definitely the place to be – you can see both the TV and the stage.

The tables are useful, since the bar has a full food menu, including meat, fish, vegetarian and chicken dishes.  We weren’t really hungry, so we limited ourselves to nachos, which were not great, but then nachos seem to be a difficult thing to get right in Bolivia.

DSCN2836The truth is, though, that it is not so important where you are sitting.  Once the music starts, you will probably want to stand up and get over by the stage where the action is.

Overall, this is a small venue, and wherever you are seated, you can be very close to the action very easily, which makes it a lot of fun.

Not surprisingly, the crowd is pretty young – I was about the oldest person there.  The sound was good.  Not too loud, for a metal club.  I never wear earplugs to a concert, but those with me who do said they had no desire to put them in.

The Vampire Shadow’s show was a three-band lineup.  It started with Libellula, a gothic metal band.  Antifona, a symphonic metal band followed.  Belfast closed the show with Celtic metal, mostly a tribute to Spanish Celtic rockers Mago de Oz. Follow the links for short descriptions of the three bands.

Luna Llena


Address:  Av. Ecuador #2582, casi esquina Pedro Salazar
Website:  Facebook Page

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