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Pampas Day 1: Arrival, The Camp, Introduction to the River

It takes almost an hour to fly the 150 miles from La Paz to Rurrenabaque.  Alternatively, you could drive.  The road is almost twice as long, at 270 miles, but is reportedly pretty poor and slow going.  Still, it would be an adventure.  Flying is an adventure, too.  Not the adventure it used to be, […]

Rurrenabaque and the Pampas Bolivianas

We spent three days exploring the pampas of Bolivia southwest of Rurrenabaque.  It was a great time and a fun explore. From Rurrenabaque, there are two directions the tourists take.  You can go upriver into the jungle, or downriver onto the pampas.  Several people, and some online investigation, suggested that the pampas is actually more […]